Saturday, February 15, 2014

Book Girls Don't Cry - Book Boyfriends

Happy Saturday!! So this post was supposed to go up earlier, but I got distracted and wasn't able to do the post until this morning. Anyways, since yesterday was Valentine's Day, what better topic than Book Boyfriends. I am not really sure what I want to write about this, so my post will probably just be rambling and boring. Don't forget to visit Xpresso Reads to see the other Book Girls Posts

There are different book boyfriends for me. There are the typical bad boy type, who aren't really all that bad. They make a fantastic book boyfriend to read, they make me swoon, and they are perfect for the character they are having romantic times with in the book. Example: Kaidan Rowe from the Sweet Trilogy. He is arrogant, infuriating, and someone to lust after...literally. Not my type, and really, not Anna's type either, but they work. It's sweet and it's great to read. I love the chemistry they have. So even though he wouldn't be my idea of a great boyfriend, their relationship makes me swoon!

Then there is the quiet, normal, not super popular guy. Someone who you could just look over and not notice. They don't stand out in any particular way. That is, until you know them. They end up being super sweet, really caring, and pretty much perfect. Example: Patrick from Something Real. He is just a regular guy who keeps to himself. When he and Chloe (AKA Bonnie) get together, you would think he would run away from her wreck of a life. She even tries to spare him, but nope. He is totally there for her and will do anything to be with her. I loved their relationship. I thought that he was probably one of the sweetest book boyfriends I have read lately. He is totally the type of boy that I could have fallen for in real life. 

So I guess that's all I have. I have tons of book boys that make my heart beat faster, but these were the first two that came to mind and happen to be complete opposites. What about you? Who do you think is a good book boyfriend?


  1. Haha totally agree about Kaidan! I just read Sweet Reckoning and the romance between Anna and Kaidan is so unorthodox but worth it. I haven't read many books where the love interest is kind of normal and not super popular because it's just such a different kind of romance because the kind where a popular boy falls for a girl slightly ordinary almost never happens but I still usually go for it lol. Fantastic post, Amy! <33

  2. I like them all *gathers them around me* Hehe. I love the bad boys who have redeeming qualities. I love the geeks and the shy ones. I love the super popular who find a quiet girl to love. I love them all.

  3. Ahh Kaiden. You know who also makes my heart beat fast...Bones from The Night Huntress Series. Major swoon!


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