Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekly Recap / Stacking the Shelves (84)

Wow, it's February already!!! The good thing is, that means winter is half over!! I have a nice short book haul this week. It's been quite a tiring week for me, so I didn't really get much reading done. I also didn't post very much. Anyways, I will get on with it. 

Books Mentioned

 A great big thank you to Macmillan!! What a wonderful book haul this week thanks to them!!

 I reviewed three books this week. Uninvited by Sophie Jordan, A Little Too Hot my Lisa Desrochers, and Cress by Marissa Meyer.

So a pretty slow week for me. I hope all of you had a fabulous week. And to all of you who enjoy football, Happy Super Bowl day!! My team unfortunately didn't make it, but I still enjoy watching it anyways. And dude, Bruno Mars is doing the half time show so that in itself is worth watching!! Oh!! And happy Groundhog Day!!!


  1. I've heard nothing but great things for The Rule of Three so I really hope you like that one. I'm so excited for Bruno Mars to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show as well. I usually only watch the Super Bowl so I can see the commercials and the halftime show, and I remember last year how the power went out halfway through and everyone was all, "It's because Beyoncé was just so great that she blew out the lights." or something like that.

  2. The Rule of Three looks really good. Enjoy.

  3. I need the Moument 14 book! Love that series!!

  4. I'm excited to see what's going to happen in the last Monument 14 book even though the writing makes me want to pull my hair out! I'm not able to watch the video right now but I miss your face!! <3


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