Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekly Recap / Stacking the Shelves (90)

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Hello everyone!! It's finally starting to feel like Spring around here. It's about time. It felt like Winter would never end. In warmer weather I tend to read more so that makes me very happy. Also, since it's getting warm I can start training for the Superhero Scramble that I am doing with friends in June. I am both excited and nervous! I got some pretty awesome things this week, and then there's what I got last week after already putting together my post. Sadly, I am still waiting for my package from B&N to come in with the books I bought with my ebook Settlement credit. I was totally lazy and didn't put the books in alphabetical order like I usually do, but I'm sure it doesn't bother anyone but me. ;)

Books Mentioned

  • Super awesome package for The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo 


Red At Night by Katie McGarry 

Thanks so much to Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Publishing, Sourcebooks, Month9 Books, Simon Pulse, HarperTeen, Macmillan, and Leigh Bardugo.

Sorry about not doing a vlog this week. Along with the Spring type weather has come the allergies as well. My voice is all over the place right now lol!!


  1. I still need to read Shadow and Bone, but I really want too. It's different from my usual reads but I'm quite curious!


  2. I got My Now So Super Sweet Life and The Warrior too! Happy reading.

  3. That box is so beautiful! I'm stokes about the next book!

    Nice list of books. Dear Nobody is catching my eye, and I am starting to see it pop up on some of my favorite blogs.

    Happy reading!

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