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Blog Tour: Rain by Christie Cote - Review and Giveaway

Hello everyone and welcome to my tour stop on the Rain Blog Tour!! I have my review, tour giveaway, and giveaway just for my blog for you. I have to say first, that I have met Christie and she is absolutely a sweetheart so when I heard her first book was coming out, I was excited to be part of this tour!

  • Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
  • Publication date: 5/3/2014
  • Source: eARC provided by the author for review
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Taylor Sullivan took her life for granted until she received news that would change her life forever. In a state of denial she met Kyle, who didn’t end up being what she expected. She wasn’t able to escape her new reality, but with his friendship, just maybe she could survive it.

My Thoughts

This story was really great. I loved the characters, and I liked how it moved along. I did have a few issues with it, but in general, I really enjoyed it. There are a lot of books out there dealing with cancer and other heavy issues, and I tend to be a sucker for them. I like to feel that emotion with stories that are tough to read. I didn't feel it as strongly as I would have liked with this, but that is due to some of the issues that I will talk about in a bit.

The story starts us off with Taylor going out to dance in the rain. When she gets called inside by her panicked mother and then we start to realize what's coming. She tries to go to school like normal, but her world has been turned upside down. She meets her neighbor Kyle and he almost instantly becomes her rock. I thought the way that happened was actually pretty realistic. What I didn't was that she starts chemo almost instantly. She is having a hard enough time with her treatment, but then on top of that, her boyfriend just bails on her. Through it all, Kyle and her best friend are by her side the entire time though. (Also unrealistic is her friend camping out in her hospital room for a weekend slumber party.) She battles on, and she does come out stronger. She was a steady character for me, but unfortunately I never really felt her.

Kyle is mysterious. He shows up out of nowhere and is all of the sudden the person who is there for Taylor the most. He goes out of his way to make her happy and to be there for her. He supports her in a way no one else does. We get to know him, but not that well. So much of him was left out and I felt like by the end we should have known him better. I did really like him though. He looks like a bad boy, but is sweet as an angel.

Family is a big part of the story too, which I always like. The relationship with her parents and with her best friend are great. I loved that friendship was one of the main parts of the story. Yes, there is the love aspect between her and Kyle, but it was gradual, and started as a solid friendship first. The thing that bothered me the most about the book was how people talked to each other. Everything always sounded so formal and robotic. There were rarely contractions used at all, and honestly, people just don't talk like that. I know it's really a minor thing, but it kept bothering me the whole time and would actually distract from the story. Overall though, I did really like it and am going to read the next book. I want to know more about Kyle since we didn't get to know much about him and his past in this. This was a great debut novel.

*An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.

Author Bio:
Christie Cote resides in Vermont with her Husband and their dog. When she isn’t reading, writing, or dreaming up her next story, she can be found shooting targets with her bow, drawing or baking.
Rain is her first book.

Christie writes Young Adult Realistic Fiction, Fiction, and New Adult novels.

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  1. Thank you for being a part of the blog tour Amy! I love your review and all of your thoughts. I also loved meeting you in Boston! The Jennifer Armentrout was so much fun, and your nails were very cool. Thanks for your support and I hope your questions get answered in the next book!

  2. This one sounds like it was a good read, despite the issues you did have with it. I'm usually a big chicken when it comes to illness books.


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