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Review: My Not So Super Sweet Life by Rachel Harris

  • Publisher: Entangled Teen
  • Publish Date: 4/21/14
  • Source: eARC provided by the publisher for review/finished ebook also gifted by the author because she rocks!!
 Purchase: Amazon | B&N | Kobo

Cat Crawford just wants to be normal—or at least as normal as a daughter of Hollywood royalty can be. And it looks like fate is granting her wish: she’s got an amazing boyfriend, Lucas; her fabulous cousin, Alessandra, living with her; and her dad planning his second marriage to a great future stepmom. That is, until her prodigal mother reveals on national television that she has something important to tell her daughter…causing a media frenzy.

Lucas Capelli knows his fate is to be with Cat, and he’s worked hard to win her over once and for all. Unfortunately, Lucas has his own issues to deal with, including a scandal that could take him away from the first place he’s truly belonged.

As secrets are revealed, rumors explode, and the world watches, Cat and Lucas discover it’s not fate they have to fight if they want to stay together…this time, it’s their own insecurities.

Well, and the stalkerazzi.

My Thoughts

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am a huge fan of Rachel Harris. I have been loving this series, and this book was no exception. It has fantastic swoon factor, a great storyline, and it was just fun and entertaining. It is a perfect companion to the previous two books and I love seeing how everything ties in together. I loved how the relationships grew and changed, and I really, really loved how this one ended. (Please, please, please tell me we will get a book that follows Rance!) 

Cat is trying to just have a normal life despite the things that she has seen and been through, and it seems like things are going pretty well until her mom decided to pop back into her life. She wants so much to believe that her mom really wants to be part of her life now and I was hoping so much that it was true for her too. Then, she has Lucas who is super sweet, romantic, and totally perfect for her. He is everything that she needs and wants, and she is falling hard for him, but her own insecurities are holding her back. (Thanks to good old mom, she has this fear of everyone leaving, so doesn't let anyone get close enough for it to hurt her.) Cat really finds herself in this one in a way that she didn't in the previous books. I thought that it was great and realistic how she has slowly gotten there.

Lucas was a character that I totally fell in love with. I mean, I already adored him, but this book just took it to a whole new level. He will do anything to make Cat happy, and he goes above and beyond on the super boyfriend meter. He will not let anyone or anything stop him from being with the girl he loves. He is fiercely protective, but in that protectiveness, he does make a few decisions that aren't the best. Decisions that put a wedge between them. He really has the best intentions though, and I think he was wonderful!!

The romance was so swoony, mushy, gooey!! Lucas is a total romantic and he does some of the sweetest things, says all the right things, and is just too good to be true. I mean, the Valentine's Day date... PERFECT!! Also full of moments that make you have butterflies in your stomach. The good kind, not the ones that are like trying to eat you alive or anything. Lol! Even though things aren't always easy for them, they really do care for each other, and it's a really sweet love that they have. He even handles the paparazzi like a champ because he knows that it comes along with the territory, and he wouldn't have it any other way. He wants Cat the way she is, and will prove to her that he is in it for the long haul.

Full of romance, surprises, and a whole lot of fun, this book was just amazing. I have become so wrapped up in this world and the characters, that when I am done it feels like saying goodbye to friends. I know that I can come back to visit whenever I want, but it feels like I need more. I want to know what will happen next and where their stories will go. Not just Cat, but all of the characters. I want to continue the journey of Less and Austin, I want to know what is going to happen with Reyna, and I especially want to get to know Rance!! I just hope that Rachel Harris writes more of these books to let us continue the journey just a little bit more!!

*And advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.

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Weekly Recap / Stacking the Shelves (92)

*Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews

Hi everyone!! I skipped a StS post last week with it being Easter and all that. That's really no excuse, but I also didn't have much to post anyways. My birthday was this past Monday so I have a super awesome gift in this StS post. I got it for myself, but it was with $$$ that I got from family! I also went to a book signing for Laini Taylor on Thursday night, so I have awesome signed books!! I took a day off of work Friday to spend the day with my daughter and do fun things as well. We went to play Glow Golf, went out to lunch, went to the park for a play date with a friend, and then her friend from next door came over. It was a full, but fun day!

I apologize that this vlog is long. I was having fun babbling on about things! And I loved this thumbnail!!!

Books Mentioned

AND.... a Kindle Fire HD!!!

 I of course got a pretty pink case for it!! I also named it Cupcake Monster. Hehe!! (My regular kindle is named cupcake, so I thought I would stick with the theme.)

That is also the reason I bought so many audiobooks. You can add the professional narration to a lot of the ebooks and you can switch between them. I tend to read a book and also listen to the audio along with them, so this is a great thing for me! (but maybe bad for my bank account)

I want to thank Harper Audio, Macmillan, Sourcebooks, and Odyssey Bookshop (for hosting the awesome book signing event). Also thank you to my family who gave me birthday money so I could get myself a Kindle Fire. I have wanted one forever, but didn't want to spend money on one since I had a regular kindle and a nook.

Since this was a long post, I will be quick about what was on my blog this week. I had two cover reveals, one for Divinity by Michelle L. Johnson and the other Tempting the Bodyguard by J. Lynn. I also had a birthday post with a giveaway that has now ended. Last, I had a blog tour post with a swoony excerpt from My Not So Super Sweet Life by Rachel Harris. I kind of sucked with not having any reviews this week. I have been having a hard time with writing them lately and have almost 10 to do I think!! I have written 2 as of this post, and hopefully will get to at least another 2 before Monday.

Hope everyone had a fantastic week!!!

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Blog Tour: My Not So Super Sweet Life by Rachel Harris - Excerpt and Tour Giveaway!

Hello!! I am so happy to be part of the My Not So Super Sweet Life Tour!! I love this series and the author is fabulous!! I have a great excerpt on my stop and the tour wide giveaway!! To see the full tour schedule, click on the banner above to be taken to the Rockstar Book Tours page. First, if you haven't heard of the book, I will give you the details below. 

  • Publisher: Entangled Teen
  • Publish Date: 4/21/14
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | Kobo

Cat Crawford just wants to be normal—or at least as normal as a daughter of Hollywood royalty can be. And it looks like fate is granting her wish: she’s got an amazing boyfriend, Lucas; her fabulous cousin, Alessandra, living with her; and her dad planning his second marriage to a great future stepmom. That is, until her prodigal mother reveals on national television that she has something important to tell her daughter…causing a media frenzy.

Lucas Capelli knows his fate is to be with Cat, and he’s worked hard to win her over once and for all. Unfortunately, Lucas has his own issues to deal with, including a scandal that could take him away from the first place he’s truly belonged.

As secrets are revealed, rumors explode, and the world watches, Cat and Lucas discover it’s not fate they have to fight if they want to stay together…this time, it’s their own insecurities.

Well, and the stalkerazzi.


As I watch Austin and Less walk out the door, in that solid zone that I want for Cat and me, I remember another thing about tomorrow. Something I almost forgot in the drama of today, and something much better than a meal with her deranged mother. With that in mind, it looks like I better head out, too.
Sliding her hair to one side, I say, “I should go.” I lower my lips to her exposed shoulder and breathe in the sweet scent of her skin.

Cat leans into my touch, tugging on my arms until they’re wrapped around her tiny waist. She folds her arms around them, hugging me close, and lets her head fall back against my chest. Inhaling deeply, she says, “No, you shouldn’t.”

I chuckle as she relaxes her hold, only to drag her fingernails across the skin of my forearms. The feel of her touch sends fire coursing through my body.

“You should stay here with me,” she continues, drawing lazy patterns over my flesh. Tension coils at the base of my spine. The contrast of her light, sun-kissed skin against my darker tones, the gentle rake of her fingernails, makes my stomach knot. I have to taste her.

Placing my hand under Cat’s chin, I tilt her head back and brush my lips over hers. But a brush isn’t enough. This girl turns me inside out, and I should’ve known I’d need more. I’ll always need more. It’s not just a physical thing. The scent of her hair, the feel of her lips, the truth that she’s mine…it rushes to my head. I don’t care that the door is open. I forget that I need to leave. My hands are in her hair, her hands are clutching my thighs, and the whimper in her throat belongs to me.

When her full lips part and the tiniest flick of her tongue touches mine, any shred of control I had snaps.
Grabbing her hips, I spin her around until she’s facing me, only breaking the kiss to position her how I want. Before I take her mouth again, Cat’s heated gaze meets mine, and she smiles. Another piece of my heart is hers.

A sound down the hall minutes later breaks through my mental fog. I don’t want to stop. My hands are on Cat’s face and up the back of her shirt, and she’s just so damn soft. But we need to. I have plans to make, and if her dad finds us like this, tomorrow is not going to go the way I want.

Groaning, I drop my head to her shoulder. “I really do have to go,” I say again.

Knowing it and doing it are two different things, though. I can’t stop touching her. Sliding my hand across the smooth skin of her back, I make a mental list of things to do before tomorrow night, trying to get my blood back up to my head. When I remember my first stop—the living room to talk with Cat’s dad—I find that dose of cold water I need.

“But hey,” I say, sliding my nose over her rose-scented skin, “do me a favor, okay? No stressing tonight. If you get upset or worried, call me. We can talk all night, or I’ll come back over. But try to get some sleep. You’ve got a big day tomorrow.”

I press my lips to her throat because I can’t help it. Cat wiggles in my lap, so I force myself to stop. She grumbles. “I know,” she says with a sigh. “Lunch with the family.”

Grinning, I lift my head. “Nope. Not just lunch. Now that the wedding is postponed, I get you for the rest of the night. And I’ve got plans. Big plans.”

“Plans?” Cat’s slightly swollen lips pucker, and all I can think about is tasting them again. But then they lift into a gorgeous smile and form the words, “Valentine’s Day.”

“Valentine’s Day,” I confirm, unable to stop myself from leaning in and stealing one more kiss. Her hands fist my shirt, and I smile against her lips. “And, Miss Crawford, you best prepare yourself, because you’re gonna swoon your ass off.”

I love this excerpt!! And by the way, the Valentines Day date is even better!!

About Rachel:

As a teen, Rachel Harris threw raging parties that shook her parents’ walls and created embarrassing fodder for future YA novels. As an adult, she reads and writes obsessively, rehashes said embarrassing fodder, and dreams up characters who become her own grown up version of imaginary friends.

She grew up in New Orleans, watching soap operas with her grandmother and staying up late sneak reading her mam's favorite romance novels. Now a Cajun cowgirl living in Houston, she still stays up too late reading her favorite romances, only now, she can do so openly. She firmly believes life's problems can be solved with a hot, powdered-sugar-coated beignet or a thick slice of king cake, and that screaming at strangers for cheap, plastic beads is acceptable behavior in certain situations.

She homeschools her two beautiful girls and loves watching reality television with her amazing husband. She writes young adult, new adult, and adult Fun, Flirty Escapes, and LOVES talking with readers!


Don't forget to check out today's other tour stop, Every Free Chance Book Reviews. All other tour stops can be found by clicking the tour banner at the top of the post.

Giveaway Details:

1 a handmade sterling silver necklace that retailed over $130. It is an eight petal rose and a replica of the one Lucas gives Cat for Valentine's Day in the book. And 1 rare, signed paperback. US Only.

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Cover Reveal: Tempting the Bodyguard by J. Lynn

Guys!! You don't even know how long I have been waiting for this book! I have the cover reveal for Tempting the Bodyguard by J. Lynn for you today and it comes out May 12th!!! 


A sexy category romance from Entangled’s Brazen imprint…
He can protect her from everyone except himself.
Alana Gore is in danger. A take-no-prisoners publicist, her way with people has made her more than a few enemies over the years, but a creepy stalker is an entirely different matter. She needs a bodyguard, and the only man she can ask is not only ridiculously hot, but reputed to have taste for women that goes beyond adventurous.
Chandler Gamble has one rule: don't protect anyone you want to screw. But with Alana, he's caught between his job and his increasingly hard libido. On one hand, Alana needs his help. On the other, Chandler wants nothing more than to take the hot volcano of a woman in hand. To make her writhe in pleasure, until she's at his complete mercy.
She needs protection. He needs satisfaction. And the moment the line is crossed, all hell will break loose…

Super sexy cover!! I can't wait to read this one!!!


# 1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling author Jennifer Armentrout lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing. she spends her time reading, working out, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with herhusband and her Jack Russell, Loki.

Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She is published with Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen.

She also writes adult and New Adult romance under the name J. Lynn. She is published by Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.

Where You Can Find Jennifer:
So what do you guys think?!! I think I can't wait to get my hands on it!!!

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It's My Birthday!!

Yay! It's my Birthday!! Another year older. Lol!! I love Birthdays because you get cake and people who don't talk to you, like ever, post Happy Birthday messages to you all over social media sites. It totally makes you feel loved for one day!! Of course I know that I am loved everyday, but I get to feel it more on my Birthday. The other thing I love is getting gifts!! Who doesn't right?!! What I love even more than getting gifts, is giving them. So, for my birthday, I am going to give one awesome blog reader a gift of a book up to $15. If you are in the US it will be from Amazon, if you are INT it will be from TBD. The only requirement is that you make a comment either letting me know the best Birthday present you have gotten, or the worst. I want to be entertained guys!! Before the giveaway, I must post more fun Birthday gifs though!!

*All gifs below are courtesy of

Now, this would be the best present ever!! (By that, I mean him ACTUALLY saying this to me.) Yes, RDJ I do hope my Birthday is as awesome as you, but that could never happen. You are beyond awesome!!

And no Birthday is complete without MLP!!! 

So, in celebration of my aging, onto the giveaway!!!

Open Internationally as long as TBD shops to you
Must be 13 or older or have parent or guardian permission
No cheating. No one likes a cheater.
Winner must respond within 48 hours of being notified or a new winner will be chosen.

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Cover Reveal: Divinity by Michelle L. Johnson

Hello everyone!! Today I have a cover reveal for Divinity by to be published by Spencer Hill Press 9/23/14. The cover was designed by Regina Wamba at Mae I Design.


"When Julia climbs into a flaming car to save a trapped child, she's left wondering why either of them survived. Then she learns that her father is the Archangel Gabriel, and that she is half human, half Archangel.

With guidance from Michael, the most powerful Archangel, Julia sets out to discover her own history and explore her angelic powers. But her journey is cut short when an evil force, invisible to human and angel alike, tears her world apart.

Now Julia must fight through her despair, harness her newfound gifts, and risk her very soul to stop the A'nwel and protect the family she never knew she had.

What she doesn't know is that Archangels have secrets too."

Pretty!! I like the cityscape. 

What do you think? You can find Michelle on Twitter, or her website. There are currently no links to pre-order and I did not find it on GR, but maybe you can, and can add it to your TBR list if you want. :)

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Blog Tour: Wish You Weren't by Sherrie Peterson - Review and Tour Giveaway

Hello, welcome to my blog tour stop for Wish You Weren't by Sherrie Peterson. This is a middle grade novel and it was fun. I don't read a lot of middle grade, but still enjoy them.  I have my review, and tour giveaway on my stop today!

  • Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
  • Publication date: 3/15/2014
  • Source: ARC provided by the publisher for review
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | Kobo
Marten doesn't believe in the power of wishes. None of his have ever come true. His parents ignore him, his little brother is a pain and his family is talking about moving to Texas. Not cool. So when he makes an impulsive wish during a meteor shower, he doesn't expect it to make any difference.

Until his annoying brother disappears.

With the present uncertain and his brother’s future in limbo, Marten finds himself stuck in his past. And if he runs out of time, even wishes might not be enough to save the ones he loves.

My Thoughts

Once in a while, I love a good middle grade book. When approached about this tour, I decided this sounded like a fun book. I don't have a younger sibling, but I know that there were many times I wished my older sibling away. Of course, like the MC of this story, I didn't really mean it, but what if it had really happened? In this book, we see just what happens when that wish comes true. This was fun, entertaining, and a great adventure for Marten and his best friend. I guess the phrase, "Be careful what you wish for." comes in handy in this book. 

Marten is an almost 12 year old boy with a little brother that annoys him all the time. He always does things to get him into trouble and sometimes he just wished he didn't exist. He wished on a star during a meteor shower and his wish comes true. Only after, he realizes that it's not really what he wants. Maybe he has been too hard on his brother this whole time. He regrets making the wish and wants nothing more than to get his brother back, but it's not that simple. He travels though time and sees unimaginable things. He learns that his wish granter comes from a star that may not exist anymore and so that means that he may not exist either. With time ticking away, he needs to find a way to set things straight. He really grows in this short period of time.

The secondary characters were fun to get to know too. I really liked the wish granter. I forget his name now, I apologize. He comes from the star the wish came from. They are able to do a review to try to see if the wish can be altered or taken back, but something goes very wrong. His star is dying, so that means he may die too. He can move through time, and even freeze time to try to help the wish granter. He was infuriating in a way that was entertaining since he was never really straightforward with anything. Paul, Marten's best friend was a bit of a coward, but he stuck by Marten through it all.

I really enjoyed how this book really teaches a lesson. Marten thinks that he would be happier without his brother, but realizes he won't. He also sees what things in life would be different, and also the sacrifices that his family has made. It's a good learning experience for him, and for the readers. It was a fun book to read, so it would be easy for younger people to read and get a good life lesson out of it without it feeling that way. I am always happy when I find a good MG book that is not only fun, but also has great things in it for a young mind to ponder over and soak up. And who doesn't like a little bit of magic?

*An advanced copy of this book was provided by the tour host in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.

Praise for WISH YOU WEREN’T:

“If you’re looking for the same old formula middle grade fantasy, this isn’t it. Wish You Weren’t is magically real. You wouldn’t be surprised if you met Marten in “real” life, but what he encounters in this story is pure magic.” ~VALERIE HOBBS, award-winning author of Wolf, Sheep and Minnie McClary Speaks Her Mind

“Wish You Weren’t is a sweet story about the blessings of family contained within the rip-roaring roller coaster of time travel. It is a page turner that kids are going to love!” ~KATIE D. ANDERSON, bestselling author of Kiss & Makeup

“I love all the science details mixed with fantasy in Wish You Weren’t — just the kinds of flights-of-science-fancy I wish I had as child!” ~SUSAN KAYE QUINN, bestselling author of the Mindjack Trilogy, Faery Swap and Third Daughter

“Fun and accessible, rich with realism and heart, this magical adventure reminds us of the things truly worth wishing for.” ~CASEY McCORMICK, literary agent intern and blogger at Literary Rambles

About Sherrie Petersen:

Sherrie Petersen still believes in magic and she loves to write (and read!) stories that take her on fantastic adventures. In addition to writing middle grade novels, Sherrie moonlights as a graphic designer, substitute teacher, freelance writer, school newspaper advisor, yearbook advisor and mother of two children. She spends her free time watching movies, driving kids around and baking cookies. Or eating them.WISH YOU WEREN’T is her debut novel.

Social media links:

Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Blog ~ Book on Goodreads ~ Author on Goodreads ~ Website
~ Wattpad


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Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

  • Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
  • Publication date:1/10/12 (Collectors edition published 1/14/2013)
  • Source: Purchased Exclusive Collectors Edition with bonus Q&A
 Purchase: Amazon | B&N | The Book Depository

Diagnosed with Stage IV thyroid cancer at 13, Hazel was prepared to die until, at 14, a medical miracle shrunk the tumours in her lungs... for now.

Two years post-miracle, sixteen-year-old Hazel is post-everything else, too; post-high school, post-friends and post-normalcy. And even though she could live for a long time (whatever that means), Hazel lives tethered to an oxygen tank, the tumours tenuously kept at bay with a constant chemical assault.

Enter Augustus Waters. A match made at cancer kid support group, Augustus is gorgeous, in remission, and shockingly to her, interested in Hazel. Being with Augustus is both an unexpected destination and a long-needed journey, pushing Hazel to re-examine how sickness and health, life and death, will define her and the legacy that everyone leaves behind.

My Thoughts

Everyone has either heard of this book or read it already. If you haven't, you are totally missing out. By this point, most of you have probably seen numerous reviews as well, so I don't know that I can say anything that hasn't already been said. I happened to buy the special edition from B&N that has a great Q&A in the back that I dove into after finishing the book. I loved the questions and how John Green answered them. It was nice to get a little insight on his thoughts about certain aspects of the book. I waited for a long time to read this because I knew it would break me. That isn't a bad thing. In fact, if a book can make me sob uncontrollably and make me physically ache inside from it, it has done its job. That means I felt all the emotions I was supposed to, I was able to connect with the characters and the story, and it was just that amazingly beautiful.Yes, it's a sad book and it's about cancer, but it is so much more than that. It was also humorous, thought provoking, and a fantastic journey with Hazel and Augustus.

I loved Hazel. Being in her head was so great. She is smart and funny, but mostly, realistic. She knows that she is going to die from her cancer. There is no cure. Just ways to give her more life. She has no choice but to accept it, and for the most part has. What she hasn't accepted and does learn, is that that she can't shut everyone out to stop from hurting them. She is afraid to let anyone besides her parents get close for fear of making them hurt when she is gone. Augustus helps her see that it doesn't matter if she wants to keep people from caring, she can't make those choices for someone else. She learns to love and accept that.

I don't even know where to start with Augustus. I pretty much adored him from the start. He is just so fun, but very deep. He doesn't think like most people do. He is romantic and charming, but not in a way that makes him seem arrogant. He has some of the best lines ever in this book!! He knows that Hazel has a time limit on her life, but he doesn't let that stop his feelings. He is more than happy to fall in love with her knowing that he will one day lose her. He wants to make her happy, to help her live each day to the fullest, to let her make him happy. I loved how he refused to give up and even tells her that he won't. He is an amazing person, and amazing friend. So full of brilliance and light!! The more we got to know him, the more I fell in love with him.

Books like these are never easy to read, but I knew that it would be worth every tear. The writing is so beautiful. The characters were brought to life on the pages. I felt like I was with them through the whole thing. That was what really made the impact of this book. Had I not cared about the characters, or felt like I really knew them, I wouldn't have been so broken apart when they were going through the things they did. This is a story of love, family, friendships, and life. Knowing that death is coming should not keep you from living, and the characters in this story showed that. There are times where they break down, where they want to give in or give up, but they fight on. There is a wonderful family aspect to the story, and I loved the parents. I also loved Isaac. Everything in this story was so incredible. It was pretty much perfection!! If you are one of the people who have not read this, you need to grab a box of tissues and do it!!

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Weekly Recap / Stacking the Shelves (91)

*Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews

Happy weekend everyone!! The weather is so nice here and I am so glad that it's finally feeling like Spring!! I have been able to sit out on the deck and read without freezing, and bring the kiddo to the park. I have a pretty awesome week of books. I only got one review book, but my order from B&N came in and I am so excited to read the books I bought!!

Books Mentioned

 Thank you to HarperCollins for the review copy and the ebook settlement for the credit that I used to get all the other awesome books!!!

I am being lazy and enjoying the great weather, so I didn't include my weekly recap this week. I only posted two reviews and had two promo type posts I think. It's been forever since I have been able to enjoy the sun, so I am taking advantage. Though, I am an idiot and stayed out for too long and got a little sunburn. I didn't even think about sunblock. Oops!!

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Street Team Book Spotlight:Dear Nobody Edited by Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil

Hi everyone!! I am excited to be part of the Street Team to help promote Dear Nobody! Today I am sharing a little bit about Dear Nobody: The True Diary of Mary Rose edited by Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil. I will be reviewing this one soon, and what I have read so far is really great. To go to the Dear Nobody website just click on the banner above. First I have the link to the Editor's Blog. And also a link to the Trailer

Next I will share the book details

  • Publisher: Sourcebooks, Incorporated
  • Publication date: 4/1/2014
  • Pages: 336
Go Ask Alice was a hoax. But Dear Nobody is a true teen diary so raw and so edgy its authenticity rings off every page

"I am a freak."

The words and drawings of Mary Rose present a gritty, powerful, no-holds-barred true experience of a teen girl so desperate to be loved, so eager to fit in that she'll go to extremes that could cost her her life.

This is not a story about addiction. Or sexual promiscuity. Or cystic fibrosis. It's the story of a young woman with a powerful will to live, who more than anything wants to be heard...and loved.

This compelling, emotional account ensures her voice will not be forgotten.

Here are two of the badges. I will be sharing these in the next few weeks!

I hope that everyone picks up this book and loves it!! Keep your eye out for my review and other posts about Dear Nobody in the next few weeks!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Review: Don't Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout

  • Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
  • Publication date: 4/15/2014
  • Source: ARC provided by the publisher for review
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | The Book Depository

Samantha is a stranger in her own life. Until the night she disappeared with her best friend, Cassie, everyone said Sam had it all-popularity, wealth, and a dream boyfriend.

Sam has resurfaced, but she has no recollection of who she was or what happened to her that night. As she tries to piece together her life from before, she realizes it's one she no longer wants any part of. The old Sam took "mean girl" to a whole new level, and it's clear she and Cassie were more like best enemies. Sam is pretty sure that losing her memories is like winning the lottery. She's getting a second chance at being a better daughter, sister, and friend, and she's falling hard for Carson Ortiz, a boy who has always looked out for her-even if the old Sam treated him like trash.

But Cassie is still missing, and the facts about what happened to her that night isn't just buried deep inside of Sam's memory-someone else knows, someone who wants to make sure Sam stays quiet. All Sam wants is the truth, and if she can unlock her clouded memories of that fateful night, she can finally move on. But what if not remembering is the only thing keeping Sam alive?

My Thoughts

Being a huge fan of this author, I was really looking forward to this book. It's different from her other stuff, but I still really enjoyed it. I loved the characters and the story. It was great to see Sam discovering herself, the real her. The one that she hid under her mean girl personality. I also loved getting to know the other characters. They were all well developed and interesting. I found myself outraged at Sam's old friends, and wondered why she would have ever wanted to be the leader of them. We discover her life and family and get insight onto why things are the way they are, and what Sam is going to do to change it. I admit that though I had some guesses as to what really happened to Cassie, it was very late in the book before I knew for sure. That is a definite win when a book can keep me guessing for that long.

Sam has no memory at all of her life before she went missing. As people tell her how she was, and she is around her "friends", she thinks that maybe losing her memory is a good thing. She doesn't like hearing how awful of a person she was. Even though she can't remember Cassie, she still feels like she needs to get to the bottom of what happened to her. She decides that this is her second chance, a chance to be the girl that she wants to be. She doesn't want to be who she is expected to be anymore. Her friends and family lie to her about things, about how her life was. Everyone seems suspicious and she doesn't know who to trust. All she knows is that she needs to figure out what really happened that night, and she doesn't want to become who she once was.

Carson was fantastic. Yes, he's kind of a jerk to Sam, but it made sense because of how she treated him before. He is also one of the only people who wants to help her. He is best friends with her brother and used to be really close to her when they were kids. When Cassie came into the picture, that is when Sam changed. She acted like a rich brat who was too good for everyone except those that were of the same status. He still never stopped caring though. He knew that the real Sam was still there somewhere. How Sam is now reminds him of when they were kids. Of how they used to be together. He wants to help her, but is also afraid of her becoming the mean Sam again. He is a great person though, and is willing to risk that to help her.

I loved the mystery aspect of this. It almost seems like it should be obvious what's going on, but it made me suspect everyone. Besides that, I really loved getting to know Sam as she got to know herself. The family aspect was there too which I love. Yes, her mom is a bit much, but her brother is amazing! There were so many secrets and things that unfold that it kept me needing to know what was going to happen next and where it was going. I was expecting Sam to remember everything suddenly, but was glad that she didn't. Another fabulous book from one of my favorite authors!!

*An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Blog Tour: The Man Test by Amanda Askel - Review and Tour Giveaway

Hello everyone!! To start off the week, it's my stop on the Blog Tour for The Man Test by Amanda Askel. I have my review and tour giveaway.

  • Publisher: Amanda Aksel
  • Publication date: 3/24/2014
  • Source: ARC provided by the author for review
Purchase: Amazon | B&N

Marin Johns is San Francisco’s Pollyanna couples therapist. She’s months away from wedded bliss when she discovers her fiancĂ© is having an affair. After nursing her broken heart with Kleenex and break-up songs, she adopts a new brand of thinking when she uncovers a tell-all book that proves all men are liars and cheaters who will do and say anything so they’re not found out. No exceptions.

In an attempt to convince her friends of her newfound truth, she begins a fictitious relationship with James, a do-gooder from Montana. Marin seeks any means necessary to catch him cheating from hiring a PI to enlisting the help of a fidelity tester. Will her new "boyfriend" beat the statistic or will Marin regret the satisfaction of being right?

My Thoughts

When approached by a blogger friend about reading this, I decided I would give it a shot. I am glad I did. It's a lot deeper of a story than it would appear to be by the cover and synopsis. It covers a lot of issues and surprised me with how serious it was. I went in expecting a fun and light book, but I got so much more. That's a good thing. Marin is a smart woman, but I couldn't help but shake my head at some of her really stupid decisions sometimes. I understood why she was that way though, so I let it slide. I really did like her. And her friends were fabulous. The romance whether fake or not was great!

Marin is a successful couples psychologist and is months away from getting married when she comes home early from a girls weekend away to find another woman in her bedroom. She is heart broken, angry, and wondering what went wrong. She is spiraling down in the depths of despair until she comes across a book exposing men for the lying cheaters they are. .She then decides she is going to prove the theory to her disbelieving friend. Her first subject proves her right, except they weren't really exclusive so it doesn't count. Then comes James, who is pretty much perfect. She still believes that she will catch him doing something wrong, and even goes as far as private investigators and an escort type service that does "The Man Test" to see if the guy is a cheating tool or not. She is so wrapped up in proving that every guy is the same so she won't have to face the reality of her situation, that she doesn't realize that she may be hurting those around her, and even herself in the process. I did like her though. She is just really hurt and trying to find an easy answer to why this happened to her. She does know that what she is doing is wrong, she just doesn't think it through very well.

James is so sweet and perfect. Well, I guess not perfect, but pretty close. He doesn't do anything to make Marin think he is doing anything wrong. (Besides her paranoia and suspicions at everything) He takes it slow with her, he's a gentleman, he even brings her flowers that are her favorite. He has a past and is not the type to give his heart away easily, so it's a shock to others that he is so smitten with Marin. He gives his all to her without hesitation, and takes it slow because he knows what she has been through. He has no idea that she is using him. I really felt bad for him knowing what she was doing. I really liked him and knew he was a great guy. I wanted him to win her heart and make her see that not every guy is a jerk.

That brings me to the romance. Even though it's "fake", it's really not. You can see them falling for each other. The sweetness and the caring. Marin keeps saying that he's a nice guy and keeps being proved wrong about all guys being the same, but she still is convinced she will catch him in some unfaithful act. It's frustrating that she won't let it go, but also you can tell that she has more underlying issues. She needs somewhere to put the blame. James is nothing but wonderful to her and I loved how he treated her. He is not easy to be trusting toward another so it made it even harder to know that she was lying to him. My heart ached for him, for them. I wanted them to be together. To realize they were right together. Even though Marin was in the relationship to prove a point, she was definitely falling for him. She was just too stubborn to stop her "project" while she still could.

This was a wonderful story about a woman who has been hurt and is trying to rediscover who she is. She is suffering from a heart break, and is placing blame anywhere she can. She can't except that her relationship just failed. By thinking that all men are the same, it made her safe. She couldn't get hurt if she knew that guys would just lie and cheat right? This was a great book at showing the stages of her grief and how she affected her whole world by the decisions she made. How she completely falls apart, and then manages to fix herself with the help of others. Some very unexpected. While I thought this would be more of a fun story, I was happy that it was more in depth. I really enjoyed getting to know Marin, especially when she finds herself again. This author did an amazing job at getting to my emotions, without overdoing it. This was a fabulous book!!

*An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.


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Weekly Recap / Stacking the Shelves (90)

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Hello everyone!! It's finally starting to feel like Spring around here. It's about time. It felt like Winter would never end. In warmer weather I tend to read more so that makes me very happy. Also, since it's getting warm I can start training for the Superhero Scramble that I am doing with friends in June. I am both excited and nervous! I got some pretty awesome things this week, and then there's what I got last week after already putting together my post. Sadly, I am still waiting for my package from B&N to come in with the books I bought with my ebook Settlement credit. I was totally lazy and didn't put the books in alphabetical order like I usually do, but I'm sure it doesn't bother anyone but me. ;)

Books Mentioned

  • Super awesome package for The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo 


Red At Night by Katie McGarry 

Thanks so much to Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Publishing, Sourcebooks, Month9 Books, Simon Pulse, HarperTeen, Macmillan, and Leigh Bardugo.

Sorry about not doing a vlog this week. Along with the Spring type weather has come the allergies as well. My voice is all over the place right now lol!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Cover Reveal: Camp Forget -Me-Not by J.K. Rock

Hello everyone!! Today I have the cover of Camp Forget-Me-Not by J.K. Rock to share with you! I have been really enjoying this series and the covers are so cute!!

Publisher: Spencer Hill Contemporary 
Release date: October 7, 2014

Playing it safe and fitting in may have rocketed Kayla West into the “In” crowd at Camp Juniper Point, but it’s left her lonely. The only person she’s ever been herself with was her former best friend, Nick, an outsider that pushed her to join the most popular girls cabin two years ago. Too bad being a Diva meant pressure to break up with Nick. Of course, Kayla had her reasons, but Nick can never know the real one.  
She always thought she'd forget him one day and move on. Until he returns to camp a super-hot Olympian snowboarder. Now, every girl wants him and Nick seems determined to show her what a mistake she made. Or at least, she thought that's what he wanted. But when Nick starts sending her private notes--just like he used to--she wonders what kind of game he's playing. Nick's attention is making it tougher to stay in the background and play in safe, forcing Kayla to make a decision--stay on the sidelines and get overlooked? Or take a chance on trusting Nick and, maybe... herself.

This cover is so pretty. I love the sunset scene!!

Find J.K. Rock online:

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Review: You Only Live Once by Bridie Clark

  • Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
  • Publication date: 4/15/2014
  • Series: Snap Decision Series , #2 
  • Source: ARC provided by the publisher for review
 Purchase: Amazon | B&N | The Book Depository

You survived your freshman year at Kings Academy, the prestigious prep school in the New Hampshire hills, but hold the slow clap—turns out sophomore year’s the real grinder. You’ll have to deal with the stress of keeping up with the soul-crushing homework. Not to mention your glam classmates are throwing glitzy sweet sixteen parties this year and you’ll need a job if you want to join.

Will you take that babysitting job in town (and pretend not to notice Hot Dad’s flirtatious ways)? Will you bribe your way to a New York Times internship and land a college guy? Filled to the brim with twisting paths and turns, this may end up being the best year of your life . . . or it may send you home to Hope Falls in tears. Whatever snap decisions you make, it’s going to be an unforgettable year.

My Thoughts

I remember when I was a kid, I loved the books where you get to choose your own path. I had tons of them and would go through and try to find every possible story and ending that I could. I would actually write what choice I made so I could go back and do it different ways. Anyways, I didn't know that this was the second of this series, but I was excited to try it out anyways. It was a bit of a disappointment to me. Maybe because I am older, I need more out of a story, or it just was a little underwhelming, but either way it didn't work so well for me.

Of course since you are supposed to be reading as if you are the one going through it, there is no actual main character. I think that it is made that way to make it feel like you are making the choices for yourself. The "you" of the story has the option of a lot of different choices to make through the story. Depending on what you choose, it takes you to more and more decisions to make. A lot of the choices will eventually lead to the same outcomes to continue from, or the same ending. The stories were never really long enough to make me care either way what my ending would be.

It was fun to go through all the different choices and get different stories, but I just felt like I needed more. I know that in a book written in this format, it can't really be too in depth, but I thought the stories were just too short and pretty pointless. If this is a series, I don't really understand how there can be any continuation of story besides being a year older and in a new grade. Perhaps if I was reading this as a 10-14 year old I might still enjoy it a bit more, but in the hour I spent reading through the few different ways, I was bored. I was hoping that maybe one or two of the outcomes would have caught my interest, but since we know almost nothing about the character, and we are just going through their life making choices as if they are ours, it just had no way to really grab my interest and hold it. Now if it had been a high action thriller of sorts it might have been more fun, but sadly, being at a prestigious school was not.

 *An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.